better sleep, brighter days

We’ve developed a sleep program for your baby based on their needs, preferences and sleep stage.

The combination of timed feedings and naps mixed with Dozy Sleep Method techniques will have your baby taking scheduled naps throughout the day and sleeping through the night.

 — It’s customizable
 — it’s manageable and most importantly
 — it works

Our sleep program is designed to never leave a baby in a state of wanting; they learn to anticipate what is next and we, as parents, never find ourselves in a state of guessing.

why it works

The first year of life for any baby is crucial to their physical and mental development. Their bodies and minds are developing at a rapid pace. Babies actually grow when they are sleeping (cool, right?).

Daytime and nighttime sleep are linked. Healthy nighttime sleep allows for your baby to be attentive, alert, more sociable and less irritable during the daytime. Healthy daytime sleep induces more nighttime sleep for your baby. It also allows their mind and body to recharge and relax.

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